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But what exactly are natural wines? This designation is given to wines that are farmed both organically and bio-dynamically, produced with no additives and minimum intervention. This entire process creates wine that remains actually living in the bottle, giving them their unique character and profile.

Where to find natural wine in Grenoble ?

Whether you are already a connoisseur, an enthusiast, or simply interested in broadening your wine palate, Grenoble has two traveling wine vendors and a few “caves” which offer a wide selection of fantastic natural wines delivered straight to your door. Welcome to the wonderful world of natural wine in confinement times.

Lyre Entre les Vignes

vin nature GrenobleFirst up is Dominique Couderc, the man behind Lyre Entre les Vignes. With a background in hospitality, including being a member of the Pullman Orient Express team (very cool), Dominique was eventually convinced by a few natural winemaker friends to further his knowledge of wine and viticulture, so he attended the University of Wine in Suze-la-Rousse and in 2008 became the in-house sommelier at Grenoble’s local gem, La Corne d’Or.

In 2015, the urge to work more directly with the winemakers, in their environment led to the creation of Lyre Entre les Vignes, his traveling wine vendor project.

He now works very closely with over 30 producers, so he has a ton of options. He also organizes monthly tastings at the local, Tombé du Ciel. To check out what’s available, head to You can also contact Dominique directly by phone with any questions at 06 37 01 77 43. Deliveries will most likely be Mondays and Tuesdays, free of charge within Grenoble.

Night Moves

caviste grenobleNight Moves are the new kids on the block. Two friends, Renaud and Mathias, both come from music industry backgrounds: Renaud, also known as H-Burns, is an indie folk rock singer/songwriter and Mathias was a concert promoter in Lyon, as well as for festivals such as Les Nuits Sonores. But, in addition to their love of music, both are big natural wine geeks and very excited to start this new project together.

They are working directly with a handful of wine makers who are offering up some really fun wines, which are full of life at great prices.

They are delivering to Grenoble + surrounding suburbs, free delivery for a minimum 3 bottle purchase with 24 hours notice. To be added to their mailing list as well as to order you can send an email to: or DM them via the IG account: @NightMoves666.

Le Vin des Alpes

Vin des AlpesEric Esnault owns and runs Vin des Alpes, a wine shop on rue de Strasbourg, which specializes in regional wines, hence the name. He also co-created the radio show Vintage, which aired on Radio Campus Grenoble from 2009-2013, one of only two radio shows about wine in the country at the time (you can even still listen to his show’s archives online at ).

In less restricted times, Eric organizes workshops, tastings and similar events with the winemakers. His website offers several simple bundles, starting at 15€ as well as options with local wines, new arrivals and even some fun ski slope themed ones.

You can order through the site: or can contact the shop directly at 06 14 16 19 15. If you want only natural wines be sure to specify !

Same day delivery within Grenoble via Sicklo, the very cool bike messaging co-op service, as well as a few options for the surrounding areas. Delivery fees range from 0-15€, depending on the order. You even have the option of ordering a cheese platter, from neighboring Les Alpages, with your wine.

La Balade des Terroirs

vin naturel GrenobleLa Balade des Terroirs, as well as it’s neighboring wine bar Le Zinc, are the passion projects of two childhood friends, Clément and Benoit.

Both worked in the wine business prior to starting their shared adventure – Clément in import and Benoit as a sommelier. Their selection and knowledge are vast and they will happily guide you through the cave’s selections.

You can order through the web site or call directly 04 76 51 15 86. Another great way to explore their catalogue is to check out the bar’s wine list, which won the prize for France’s best wine list in 2019: Free delivery with a 30€ minimum order to Grenoble and surrounding suburbs.

Gramenon & Compagnie

vin nature isèreLastly comes a family affair. Gramenon & Compagnie is run by Alix and Agnès Laurent, the daughters of Michèle Aubery, who founded the Domaine Gramenon vineyards with her late husband.

Their brother, Maxime-François also makes wine – you may know his ever-popular Il fait soif grenache blend, among others. Here, wine is in the blood and it shows in their very curated selection.

To be added to their e-mail list, which will give you updates on the order options, you can send an email to: or call them directly at 04 76 43 28 11. Delivery to Grenoble and the surrounding suburbs carries a 12€ surcharge, except for orders over 100€.

All caves are open during this confinement period, which means you can also go have a chat with one of these wonderful wine sellers face to face. For anyone who may feel intimidated out of a lack of knowledge or if, like me, you have a terrible memory for names, regions and varietals, don’t worry !

That’s what these guys are here for, they will gladly and graciously help you to find the right wine for the right time. So get ready to make some exciting new discoveries with the best mentors Grenoble has to offer ! Cheers !

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