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Brunch in Grenoble. Any way you want it, full English, veggie, posh, alternative or traditional. On a Saturday, Sunday or the entire week, by the Isère river or nestled in the shopping streets.

One-to-one or in a group, brunch is a moment to be savoured, a mix of breakfast and lunch. The blend of sweet and savoury, whichever way you like. Anything goes, whether it’s 11am or 2pm.

Once a rarity, brunch in Grenoble has now gone mainstream. Today, cafes and restaurants compete to cook up the most innovative, ever more scrumptious recipes. After all, with brunch, anything goes!

Brunch in Grenoble: our favourite spots

Looking to brunch in Grenoble? Here’s our tried-and-tested selection of all types of brunches: veggie or meaty, healthy or filling, fit for your Sunday best or your scruffs.

Le Point Bar – Rue Servant Grenoble

Brunch in GrenobleBrunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Set brunch menu: sweet, savoury or both. Local produce, flavour-filled recipes, homemade granola, pancakes and loads of refreshing drinks and winter warmers.

Une Petite Mousse – Esplanade Andry Farcy

brunch grenoble dimancheSunday brunch

Your favourite brunch classics in one set menu: three variations on the poached egg and English muffin combo, granola, pastries, tea and coffee, and organic fruit juice galore. And of course, their local craft beers give an unusual twist to this unmissable Sunday rendez-vous.

Le Kai-Iwi – Rue des Clercs

best Brunch in grenobleBrunch on Saturdays and Sundays

New Zealand-style brunch. Exotic, super gourmet recipes: carrot cake, avocado on toast, maple syrup pancakes, egg muffin, pumpkin spiced lattes, grilled bacon. A guaranteed flavour explosion.

Festina Lente – Place des Tilleuls

best brunch in grenobelVariable date

An organic healthy brunch. Vegetarian and balanced recipes with an Eastern-Europe influence. Beansprouts, crunchy cereal, fresh fruit and jams, poppyseed cakes, cheese from the local market, all packed with far-off spices and flavours that will take you on a journey.

Le Tercera – Rue de Sault

tercera grenoble cafeBrunch on Saturdays

At Tercera, every day is brunch day. You can mix-and-match tapas-style dishes from Monday to Saturday: avocado on toast, egg McMuffin-style focaccia, beetroot or chickpea houmous, baked eggs, cumin-infused carrots, all homemade with love, of course.

Le Poppa – Place aux Herbes 

brunch grenobleBrunch Saturday and Sunday

The posh brunch. Le Poppa is immaculately decorated and serves sophisticated dishes: Eggs Benedict, Croque Monsieur with truffles, French toast, avocado on toast, Poppa burger, fromage blanc with granola and a basket of pastries.

L’Impertinence – Rue Saint Jacques

brunch in GrenobleBrunch on Sundays

The generous yet sustainable brunch. Fully committed to healthy and environmentally friendly cuisine, Marie and Chlotilde offer a local, generous brunch: coleslaw, gratin dauphinois, pastries, scrambled eggs, homemade salted butter caramel crème, fresh bread, local cheese and more.

Le Café Mÿro – Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau

café Myro GrenobleBrunch Saturday and Sunday

The brunch where coffee is king. Trained barista Magda offers Buddha bowls, savoury tarts, pancakes or avocado on toast, homemade madeleines and cakes. To enhance your brunching experience, be sure to try the Mokxa coffee roasted in Lyon, as well as other varieties recommended by Magda…

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