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Authentic Japanese ramen made in Grenoble, with love

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Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine, but is often misrepresented outside of Japan. Many of us lived on instant ramen at university or have eaten westernized versions served in most restaurants; however, Yamato is anything but that. Dominique Hoshino is bringing to Grenoble traditional, made-from-scratch, Japanese ramen.

ramen GrenobleDominique, who is franco-japanese and grew up in Japan, always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. Ramen is his wife Manami’s favorite food, so the decision to specialize in ramen was an easy one.

Everything at Yamato Ramen is made in-house. Dominique imported a ramen pasta machine from Japan as well as all the tableware for when we can enjoy eating “sur place”.

The three main components to Yamato’s ramen 

ramen GrenobleBroth

There are three types of broth available: shoyu and tori-paitan, which are both chicken based broths, and one vegan broth. There is nothing instant about this ramen, the shoyu and tori-paitan each take approximately four hours to make and it shows in the richness of the flavors.

The shoyu is a lighter broth while the tori-paitan has a creamier texture; both are perfect for a rainy day. The vegan broth is vegetable based but resembles the tori-paitan in its texture.


The noodles are a true labor of love, made by Manami, who has perfected the recipe and created a noodle with just the right elasticity, texture, and flavor. We recommend ordering the noodles uncooked if you have the option to cook them yourself.


For the garnish, the meat options are house marinated pork or delicious, tender, peppery chicken. Both are served with a soy, ginger, and garlic marinated soft boiled egg.

The vegan option includes house marinated tempeh patties.  All three ramens are served with spinach, green onion and menma, which are seasoned, lacto-fermented bamboo shoots. For those unfamiliar with this process, the lacto-fermentation creates a strong and unique flavor.

Yamato works with Sicklo for delivery and is open for take-away both for lunch and dinner every day except Sundays and Wednesdays.

Yamato Ramen
18 rue Guetal
38000 Grenoble
Phone : 04 56 85 44 88
Web siteInstagramFacebook

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